A new initiative of Springbank Football and Netball Club in developing a Junior Mentoring Program for all of our junior football and netball participants. The Junior Mentoring Program has been established to not only provide our youth with the opportunity to participate in team sport, but of equal importance ensure they become well rounded good citizens and community contributors when they exit our junior football and netball program aged 18.

SFNC believes we have a duty of care to equip our junior participants with solid life skills in building their self-esteem and enhanced knowledge to see them succeed as well balanced young adults. SFNC provides a nurturing whole of community environment to assist our youth navigate their way through their teenage years of life.

SFNC mentoring program is structured around building resilience, self-confidence, social media awareness, the dangers of alcohol and drugs, being unbullyable, mental health and depression, one punch, respect for women and financial awareness and literacy.

This mentoring program would not happen without the support of Ballan & District Community Bank.

Ballan & District Community Bank is widely regarded as a key community partner who invests back into the communities its customers, shareholders and employees live, work and play. SFNC is grateful for the support of Ballan & District Community Bank and strongly encourages all supporters of SFNC to support a Bank who supports our Club.

We are confident this high level mentoring program will firmly demonstrate to our youth that their community believes in them and their future. SFNC is committed to invest and provide a nurturing environment to see each of our junior football and netball participants become responsible well-balanced young adults who have aspirations and goals in striving to reach their full potential in the knowledge that their community cares.

All enquiries contact Luke Rieniets – 0418 384 253

Information & pictures from the 1st Session conduction on 28/05/19 can be viewed here...