Dear Members, Supporters, Sponsors and wider SFNC community,


As you would all be aware, the Covid-19 virus has thrown the world into an unusual spin.

Following direction from AFL Goldfields on Tuesday, CHFL and CHNL clubs are to postpone training and matches until 31st May.

This leaves us as a club, community and more importantly family and friends in a unique situation.

As much as we all love our club and are looking forward to another action packed, fun and hopefully successful year, we must all follow this advice.

The CHFL Board of Management and CHNL President are meeting on Monday evening (March 23) to discuss a possible structure for the season and will call a meeting for club presidents the following week. Once there is information available for me to pass on, this will be done.

Although much of this scenario is uncontrollable, there are several things we can all be proactive with to ensure ourselves the best opportunity once the 2020 season does commence.

I strongly encourage all committee, volunteers, coaches, players both football and netball to maintain your enthusiasm, and continue to work on your health and fitness while we wait in anticipation.

Financially, we are unsure of the repercussions of this. While we cannot generate revenue through the club and suspect there will be limited opportunity for fundraising over the course of the year, this time away does present us a great opportunity to drive our Tradesman Trailer raffle that commenced at the start of March.

With little effort from a lot of people, we can all ensure the sustainability of the SFNC for future years. I urge you all to spread the word and sell tickets.

More information can be found on Facebook @tradesmantrailerraffle, by Googling Tradesman Trailer Raffle or on the club website where tickets are also available to purchase.

For those willing to become a financial member for the 2020 season, these can be purchased online on the club website.

I ask our sponsors to stick by us and assure you that we will do as much as possible to support you in these trying circumstances.

I would also like to take the opportunity to commend the Wallace Recreation Reserve for their efforts. These may go unnoticed by the majority now while the facilities are not being utilised, but we very much appreciate it.

I understand football and netball are a great escape for us and give us all enjoyment, but health and wellbeing have a much bigger priority. In saying that, while we are in trying times be sure to look out for each other more than you ever have before.

It is our intention to offer some sort of social outlet for all ages during this time, which will be done in accordance with government regulation. More details of this will be available in the future.

I thank you all for your ongoing support and commitment to our great club and let’s hope it won’t be long until we can all shout “YELLOW AND BLACK’ again.

If there is any information come to hand that I can pass onto you all I will do so as soon as possible. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy, practice good hygiene and listen to advice from the experts, and most importantly take care of yourselves and each other.

Patrick O’Neil – President