Dear Members, Supporters, Sponsors and wider SFNC community.

It is with disappointment that I am writing to inform you all the SFNC committee has made

the difficult but very necessary decision to withdraw from the CHFL junior program for the

remainder of the 2020 season.

At the start of the season it was feasible to train and play, but the increasing levels and

harsher unknown circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic has now left us with no other

option. The health and well-being of players, parents and club volunteers is our number one


I would sincerely like to thank the SFNC committee, volunteers and in particular our junior

co-ordinator and coaches, Sean Duggan, Leo Simpson and Bryan Lovison for their efforts.

The reformation of our Under 12 side, along with giving approximately 20 new families and

30 new players exposure to the Springbank FNC proves the 2020 season can be deemed a

success – as short lived as it was. We hope to see you all again next season.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope the 2021 can provide us with some

normality so we can all get back to doing what we love each weekend.

We have all shared some great memories in recent times at this club, let’s now pledge to

each other to make 2021 bigger, better and more enjoyable than ever!

Until then, stay safe, take care of each other and keep yourself connected via social media

and the club website for updates.

Thank you, Patrick O’Neil